About Dr. Ericka

Dr. Ericka Goodwin is on a mission to help you Be Better, Do Better, and Live Better. She is a Harvard-trained, double board-certified psychiatrist, bestselling author, top-rated speaker, integrative lifestyle coach, and creator of the hit podcast, “Better with Dr. Ericka.” Her experience attending Spelman College reinforced her desire to help women grow, which led to her latest book, Fix Your Fairytale: A Woman’s Guide to a Great Life, Love, and Legacy.

Dr. Ericka works with organizations and high performing individuals who are stuck and want to get back to getting better results and living a better life.

Within a few moments of being with Dr. Ericka, you can see why executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs hire her to get to the next level. She takes Ivy League strategies and simplifies them into easy-to-use steps that everyone can relate to. Dr. Ericka’s down-to-earth style makes it easy for everyone to relate to her story, feel seen, heard, and look within to access greater levels of personal and professional breakthroughs.

Dr. Ericka is known as one of few medical professionals who will tell you what they don’t tell you…but you really need to know! Her evidence-based methods go against the grain of common myths about success that sound good, but don’t really work. She will show you and your organization secrets used by some of the world’s greatest achievers and translate them into practical steps that can change your life forever.

Dr. Ericka’s story is proof that “When you know better, you can do better!”

Dr. Ericka

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